East Hills Cleaners is your number one choice for dry cleaning here in East Hills.

No dry cleaners in the area can provide a deeper or a more thorough cleaning of  your clothes at a better price than we do. However stained or delicate your fabric is, we’ll give it a perfect clean just like we’ve been doing for years.

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East Hills Cleaners offers exceptional dry cleaning services regardless of your location, at home, in the store or at work. With us, you can enjoy that great meal with your loved ones without worrying about staining your clothes.

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From BBQ’s stains, oil stains, gel stains or you name it! We use the latest technology to ensure that your fabric is stain-free when you pick it. And for those occasions when you can’t drop your clothes we’ll pick them up and return them in a timely fashion!

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That bed quilt that won’t fit in your washing machine or the sensitive silk blouse, we’ll clean it. Our innovative, excellent, and unparalleled services set us apart from other dry cleaners.

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East Hills Cleaners Quality


Safe & Secure Parking Available.

When coming to drop off or pick up your items at East Hills Cleaners, you’ll never struggle to find a parking space. We offer ample, secure parking that is specially set aside for you!

Years of Experience in Dry Cleaning.

East Hills Cleaners has been in operation since 1961 where we’ve focused on satisfying our customers. When cleaning your precious garments, rugs, and more, we’ll use the experience to offer satisfactory services.
From leather items, wedding gowns, designer wear, and more, we know how to sustain that classy look!

Excellent Pick-up & Delivery Services.

We have tailored our dry cleaning service so that you don’t have to interrupt your busy schedule. Any time you have some dry cleaning work you need expert help, we’ll offer pick-up and delivery services.

Commitment to the Neighborhood.

East Hills Cleaners cares about the communities where we offer our services. And to show this commitment, we use environmental-friendly products in every dry cleaning procedure. If you are looking for dry cleaners that has the interest of the community at heart, East Hills Cleaners is perfect for you!

We Offer Customized Services.

When you come to us for dry cleaning service, we’ll treat your fabrics with utmost care and professionalism. From the time of delivery to the time we deliver your items after the cleaning you’ll enjoy executive treatment.

Fast & Affordable Services.

We know how important it is to get fast dry cleaning service at a price you can afford. And since what you want matters to us, we offer same day services or next day delivery. To make it even better, you won’t have to break the bank to afford our services.


East Hills Cleaners Store

Dry Cleaning

At East Hills Cleaners, we believe that what touches your skin matters. It is your clothing that defines you, determines how people take you.
This is why we take time to provide services that you can’t get from other dry cleaners. We want you to stand out when you put on that designer wear.
When you bring your clothes to us for dry cleaning, our professional staff will follow a well laid out procedure. They will inspect, remove stains, clean, iron, check for imperfections. Now, which other dry cleaners will go out of their way to do this for you? None, right?
So, pay us a visit or give us a call so we can discuss your dry cleaning needs.

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East Hills Cleaners

Wash & Fold

We know that the worst part of laundry is folding which is what we love most. Our dry cleaners will pick up your laundry, clean, fold, and then deliver to your preferred destination.
When carrying out the washing and folding, we’ll not mix your clothes with anyone else’s. This way, you can have a guarantee that we’ll deliver all your clothes without missing a piece.

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Leather Dry Cleaners

Leather Cleaning

For that classy leather jacket or other leather items that mean the most to you, you want the best care. We tailor our dry cleaning service in a way that your leather items will retain its original look.
Not all dry cleaners will give your leather items the level of care and clean like we do. Try us and see the difference!

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Carpet Dry Cleaners

Rug Cleaning

East Hills Cleaners has been providing rug cleaning services for over 58 years and knows what works. We use the latest technology in cleaning all types of rugs regardless of their size.
With our deep cleaning technology, and focus on perfection, you can rest assured of getting excellent results.
Get in touch with us today so we can arrange for the pick-up, cleaning, and drop off of your rugs. You can also pay us a visit so we can come up with a more customized arrangement for your dry cleaning needs.

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Top Dry Cleaners in NY

Wedding Dress Preservation

Are you searching for a safe place to store the classy gown in memory of that special day? Well, you have come to the right place!
East Hills Cleaners has a special place where we’ll keep your beautiful memories safe. However long you stay before picking it up, it will still look as good as new when you collect it.
And not only that, our dry cleaners will clean, press, and fold your wedding dress before storing it in a safe place.

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Once you bring your fabric to us or we pick it up, our friendly staff will thoroughly check it out. We’ll take note of any stains or anything else that requires special attention. Based on the inspection results, we’ll know the best treatment for your fabrics.

Actual Cleaning

Based on the nature of the fabric, we’ll use the best cleaning technique which will guarantee the perfect results. Our dry cleaners will ensure that your fabric will look as good as it was when you first bought it.

Quality Check

We believe in giving the best every time you come to us for dry cleaning services. Our quality standard is unmatched which is why thousands of clients choose us daily and not other dry cleaners.


After the cleaning, we’ll not just fold your clothes and return them to you. Our professional dry cleaners will use modern ironing techniques to sustain the quality of your fabric.

Stain Removal

Before the actual cleaning, our professional dry cleaners will get rid of any stains on your garments. We use highly effective and safe products for the stain removals based on the type of stain. The safety of your fabric is guaranteed during the stain removal process.


Jean Shirt Dry Cleaners

How to Enjoy Dry Cleaning Services at East Hills Cleaners

Now that you know the quality of services you’ll get from us, the next big thing is enjoying these services. We keep it simple as all you need is to give us a call or visit us in our present location.
Whether you want to drop off your items or you need us to pick it up, our dry cleaners are at your service.

So, why wait. Call us today or pay us a visit!